Monday, September 22, 2008

But you're not saying anything

Great article about logo design and stating something that is not as obvious as it would seem:
But you're not saying anything


isral said...

neat point. this reminds me of when rod would say “if the client won’t get it don’t do it.”

Keith Parent said...

i just like the point that the logo itself doesn't necessarily have to be the defining differentiation of one company from another - that the identity and marketing aim can be focused toward another aspect of what really does separate one company's value from its competitors. it's also a good reminder that sometimes a logo/identity doesn't always need to have a unique solution - sometimes it just needs to stand in line with the rest of them and be singled out for reasons that are more profound and emotionally deeper to the customer than the mocking insult of focusing only on an iconic over simplification of what is suppose to represent those complex attachments. kind of like if you hire an artist to do a portrait of someone dear to you who just past away and he presents you with a cheesy characature for you to have as your final memory of your lost loved one.