Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Compact Disc Store

Once a week for the past two and a half years, I have visited The Compact Disc Store.

You walk in to the store, they ask how you've been, they know your name. They even know what you are probably looking for. It's a neighborhood shop at it's best.

I buy all my music on vinyl, I couldn't tell you the last CD I bought. I've seen the store grow from 2 crates of new records to over 10 crates. I look forward to my trip every week. Sometimes I know exactly what I want, and sometimes, I'm just going to say hello.

I think there is something very pure about unwrapping and listening to a record, something very tangible.

It's very similar to the feeling I get walking into the record store, I think it's the way music was meant to be discovered and enjoyed, naturally.

There is a great article in 225 about The Compact Disc Store and the decline of their sales due to big box stores and internet downloading and the possibility of closing their doors.

"Pope(owner) and Sullivan(long-time employee) both relish discovery—the idea of walking into a music store not with a specific title in mind, but with the desire to immerse oneself in a culture, a scene, and to delve into new music that, if it’s not as familiar at first, will be just as rewarding if buyers trust the clerk’s advice and their own ears."

This is a great neighborhood shop, I encourage everyone to stop by, browse, say hello, and maybe, you might just be inspired to buy a thing or two.

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