Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Digital Disaster

I have to agree with Jason. The company I work for recently tried to do a digital campaign mailer and it was a complete mess. One main issue that arose was whether to embed the images, attach them, or include a link to a webpage. If we embed them, will they show up the same on a Mac and a PC? If we do a link, will we be able to upkeep a special webpage for the card? We were never able to come up with an effective method to minimize technical issues and make it easy on the viewer. It's much less complicated and time-consuming to view a physical card than to open an email, click on a link or open a file. The digital mailer is a nice concept, but with something like a post card or greeting card, I think a physical card is still the best medium. Digital will probably save you money, but you'll take a hit with quality.

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