Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Sun Makes the Rays

It’s the speed of the light
It’s the speed of a year
It’s the weapon you hold,
And the thing you hold dear.
OH my dear, oh my dear
It’s infinity’s time to shine all year
If you make the waves
The sun makes the rays
The speed of the light
Can be trusted to prey
To prey on the fools
That pushed off your pier
The whirling of pools runs clear
- Sunset Rubdown
"For the Pier (And Dead Shimmering)"

I silk screened an edition of 28 posters (3 colors, 12.5" x 19") for the show this Friday at The Spanish Moon. Let me know if you want a poster and get your tickets here.

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Kelli said...

To whom it may concern (Hunter),
I would like to place my order for the "Sunset Rubdown" screen-printed poster. I believe it is badass and would bedeck my wall quite nicely. I realize that you already know this, but I wanted to have it on the record.
Thank you for your time, kind sir.
Kelli :)