Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2009 Calendar Round Up

Halloween is quickly approaching, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas will be here in no time. I have stumbled across several calendars, some even posted here on PlusMore. Don't procrastinate, here are a handful of wonderful calendars to fit every budget and space. What a lovely excuse to stare at beautiful type 365 days a year.

Pentagram Typographic Calendar

For the 2009 edition of the Classic Typographic Calendar, Kit Hinrichs asked Pentagram’s twelve graphic design partners to each nominate a favorite typeface, one for each month. Their reasons are practical, opinionated and sometime passionate.

The calendar is available in two sizes, a supersize 33-by-23 inch version suitable for wall hanging and a smaller 18-by-12 inch version appropriate for desk use. The price of the supersize calendar is $38 and the smaller desk/wall calendar is $24.


Max 365 Perpetual Wall Calendar

Designed by Massimo Vignelli and introduced in 1980, this timeless classic will keep your days straight, year after year.
It is printed on heavy weight paper board 13" x 13". It is a tad bit pricey at $65.00, however, it lasts forever.


Avie Designs

A very simple desktop calendar.This calendar features 12 designs (6 new and 6 classic) printed on 120lb paper and held together by a jewel case. At $20 this could make a great unique gift.


Bubble Calendar

Looking for something a little bit more interactive. This is a huge 48" x 18" (122cm x 46cm) poster calendar typeset in Helvetica Neue. All weekends are bolded for quick reference, and it is handmade in Brooklyn, USA. Priced at $29.95,


Stendig Wall Calendar

I first saw this calendar in New York last Christmas, I fell in love with it, however, it was too large to take on the plane and when I got back home it was sold out online. (I've learned my lesson this year) This is a stunning 4' x 3' wall calendar, it is based on the design by Massimo Vignelli in 1966. Recognized as a contemporary classic, the original is on permanent display in New York's Museum of Modern Art. At $30 this is a great deal. Makes great wrapping paper at the end of each month. Who can resist looking at 4 feet of helvetica every day?


There are many more wonderful calendars out there, if you have seen any please post away......Now it's just time to wait for the New Year.


Mary said...

Nice post. Very informative and well researched. A+

double said...

Post Typography's 2009 typographic calendar from teNeues:

"In December 2006, The New York Times asked Post Typography to design a typographic cover for the Arts&Leisure section's "2006 Year In Culture" issue. During the course of the project we developed a number of additional sketches that never saw print. After finishing the cover design, we decided to rework and expand our sketches into calendar form---one design for each month of the year. Post Typography's "Two Thousand and Nine 2009" wall calendar interprets the number 2009 through twelve inventive, fetching, and meditative typographic illustrations and lettering treatments."


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