Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs - Off With Their Heads


The Kaiser Chiefs’ third full length album, Off With Their Heads, is a radio ready rock album by another new wave brit band. The album has a few good moments. Tracks such as; “Like it too Much” and “Remember the Girl” stand out amongst the mostly generic sound the band is great at producing. At one point in the album I thought I was listening to 80s montage music (think the clean up song in Revenge of the Nerds) turns out it was synthesiser friendly song, “You Want History.” On another track, “Addicted to Drugs” you immediately start thinking of the famous Robert Palmer song, “Addicted to Love,” for good reason too. The choruses are song similarly. Listening to this album made me want to wash my mouth out with good music (thank God, OK Computer was close by).

The Kaiser Chiefs released their first album, Employment, in 2005 and I remember liking quite a few tracks on that album. They followed it up with a less successful sophomore album entitled, Yours, Truly Angry Mob. The Chiefs have flat out just worn out their welcome with me. They are still a big name act in the UK, I believe their album was #2 in their charts. So why the hostility towards them then? I wish nothing but success for them but we don’t have to swallow every British import as the next big thing. The Kaiser Chief’s sound is very repetitive making eleven tracks of it a lot to sit through.

Go ahead and skip this purchase, if you want to hear this band check out their first album, Employment. Their debut is the Kaiser Chief’s at their best. Unfortunately, if I were the executioner I would listen to the king’s order of, “Off With Their Heads”!!!

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