Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I could do anything for a living what would I do?

I hope to one day work/own/collaborate in an environment surrounded by the past, present and future of type design and print design.
the past:
old Vandercooks and Chandler and Price presses in my backyard
California cases of type (especially of my own design)
silk-screen setup
dark room
unlimited access to special collections of design and writing masters of the past

research/practice center free to students of all ages dedicated to design, research and experimentation
a place where all can engage about design regardless of deadlines, budgets or limiting locations.

a place where dialogue between designers, writers and thinkers can remain present, traced and tracked on and off the web. experience the physical.
better than blogs, better than online databases, better than …

a little research, a little non-profit, a little self-indulgence.
Mary Louise Killen
Long live PlusMoreCollective!

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